My Current Nail Polish Collection

Below you can find some pictures of my winter nail polish collection. I’ve chosen the 6 colours I prefer most. What do you think about these colours?

These 5 colours are from Catrice (f.l.t.r.)

* Coral: Meet Me At Coral Island (nr 030)

* Burgundy: Caught On The Red Carpet (nr 070)

* Green: After Eight (nr 600)

* Brown: From Dusk To Dawn (nr 200)

* Grey: London’s Weather Forecast (nr 280)

I know coral isn’t so much of a winter colour but I just love it on my toe nails. It gives my feet a summerish feeling! 🙂

This one is actually much greener than it looks like on photo.

The last colour is a shimmering gold. If you want to you can add golden sequins. The sequins are great of you’re going to a party! 

Both these nail polishes are from Essence. They have the loveliest colours!

* Gold: Gold Rush (nr 32)

* Golden sequins: Make It Golden (nr 67)

But beware! You might have to scrub hard to get the sequins back off! They’re quite sticky!


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