Ski Must Haves

It’s the time of the year. The exams are almost over and everbody is looking foward to go skiing or snowboarding,… except me. I ‘m not a big fan of the cold (and snow is the worst kind of cold because it’s also wet) and I don’t have a free week ahead of me. Exams have ended, courses are taking up again starting Monday. BUT! I do like winter sport outfits. Like these below, check them out if you’re going skiing or if you’re just like me silently laughing with all those people who will fall down whilst performing difficult movements in the cold and wet snow!

  • Gloves: Aubin & Wills
  • Snowboard: Chanel
  • Ski goggles: Chanel
  • Ski outfit: Chanel
  • Advertisement: D&G
  • Grey knitted sweater: DKNY
  • Blue cap: Asos
  • Snowboard: Gucci
  • White knitted sweater: J. Crew
  • Black boots: Jil Sander
  • Puffer jack: Maison Scotch
  • Long socks: Topshop



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