My Favourite…lipsticks

I’ve launched a brand new concept on Liese BXL: ‘My Favourite…’. Following days, weeks, months,… I’ll be posting my favourite items. I’m dividing the items into categories like make-up, shoes, bags, belts, beauty products, bras,… Anything you can think of! Suggestions are always welcome! Below you can find the sixteenth ‘My Favourite…’ Enjoy!


* Bright pink/orange: Maybelline (nr. 445 – Mango Diamonds)

* Bright orange: Chicogo (nr. 88)

* Soft pink: Chanel (nr. 69 – Flirt)

* Dark red: Catrice (nr. 60 – Rouge Satin)

* Beige: M.A.C. (nr. A21 – Satin Myth)

* Red: Hema (nr. 125)

* Red: Rimmel (nr. 10 by Kate Moss)


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