River Island SS 2012: Absolute trends

This entry is part of the River Island SS 2012 Style Correspondent Contest. You need to post an entry about your favourite items of the new SS 2012 collection to become River Island’s first own Belgian blogger! You’ll receive a gift certificate worth 250 euro and become guest blogger for a month! This contest ends on the 27th of February.

Below you can find an overview of my favourite silhouettes of the new SS 2012 collection. I believe these items are absolute trends or trends-to-be. What do you think about it?

1. Etnic patterns meets ‘Out of Africa’

2. Gorgeous Pastels

3. Show some Skin

4. Mix all kinds of Quirky Patterns

5. Mix chic with Sporty

Now you’ve seen what I believe are the trends this spring and summer. Below you can find some moodboards involving some other items inspired on these silhouettes.

1. Etnic Love

2. Gorgeous Pastels

 3. Stylish Skin

4. Quirky Patterns

5. Sporty Life

You can find all of these items on the website of River Island.


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