Recipe: My Favourite Smoothie

I love smoothies, they’re so full of flavour and vitamines. But they also smell, taste and look nice and bright. Below you can find the recipe for my favourite smoothie including pineapple and ginger. Enjoy!!

1. Ingredients

* 1 pineapple

* 3 kiwis

* 2 oranges

* A piece of ginger

* Some sugar

* A knife

* A blender

* A cocktail stick

* A mojito glass

2. Recipe

* Start by cutting the pineapple in dices. The easiest way to do is, is by cutting off its top and bottom and then slicing it into 5 or 6 slices. Don’t forget to leave the heart of the pineapple out. The heart is in the centre of every slice so you need to cut around it. Put the dices in the blender.

* Take the 2 oranges and cut of their peel. When peeled also dice the oranges and put them in your blender.

* Do the same with the kiwis as with the oranges.

* Take your piece of ginger and cut about 2 cm off. Peel the ginger as well, cut in to 4 pieces and add to the rest.

* Take your mojito glass and make the edge of the glass wet. Scatter some sugar in a non deep bowl and put the wetted edge of the glass in so you get a sugary border.

* Blend all of your fruit and pour in to your glass.

* Peel and dice your third kiwi and put a few pieces on the cocktail stick.

* Add some straws and taste your delicious homemade smoothie!


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