Trend: Pointy Pumps

There’s a lot going on in Shoeworld at the moment: trends are being formed, it-colours decided, shapes and patterns chosen,… Lists of it-shoes for this spring and summer are at this very moment traveling from country to country inspiring people on what they should buy in the next weeks. I know: wedges, colour blocking, metallics or etnic are very high on these lists, but I would like to focus on one trend in particular: the pointy pumps. It hasn’t been since the end of the nineties pointy pumps were really high fashion. They were shunned for the last decade, but for a little while now the pointy pump has been working on its comeback and I believe it should be in the spotlights, especially after its very cool make-over. Let’s take a look at some very fashionable examples! 







New Look



2 thoughts on “Trend: Pointy Pumps

  1. Vind ik ook, vond ze vroeger hideous, maar nu oh zo glamorous! Die zachtroze met studs en die gele met metallic top vind ik het mooist!

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