Chickens and Eggs and Macarons

I found these pictures of me and my boyfriend baking macarons, ‘speculaas’ and meringues and I think they’re really funny! Ok, let me rephrase the first sentence: we’ve tried to bake macarons, ‘speculaas’ and meringues! Why three things at once and not just one, I hear you say? Well, long story, let’s start with my mom. She has been nagging my father’s ears off for the last three years to have chickens in the backyard. Apparently she’s fond of fresh eggs (I however have rarely seen her eating an egg, but who am I to judge?) My dad didn’t want them because his precious green grass wouldn’t survive the trampling of chicken claws. But, oldest story in the world: my mom kept nagging and my dad just gave in holding one condition: my mom is responsible for the chickens so she has to feed them, collect the eggs and clean out their little house.

Result: we have two chickens in the backyard, living in a henhouse my dad built, eating food my dad gives them, laying eggs my dad collects and living in a shed no one cleans (“it’s too cold to clean it now”).

So, to get back to the macarons, ‘speculaas’ and meringues, one thing my mom forget when she wanted chickens, is that they lay an egg every day and she doesn’t eat two eggs every day. We had like fifteen eggs in our fridge when my dad asked me and my boyfriend to please bake something, preferably three things, involving lots of eggs. So we did and this is the result.

It all started with these (x3)

‘Speculaas’ before going in to the oven (We worked hard to shape them all. I wanted hedgehogs, my boyfriend just made little balls and then squashed them… karate style…)

And this is how they looked when they came out of the oven… sigh… Luckily they tasted good!

Weighing and sifting things with the Duvel appron from my dad, so elegant and ladylike..

My boyfriend wanted to make the meringues, so I let him..

…but I had enough when he just kept making big and small ones all over the tray.

As for the macarons: I forgot to add some colour extract so they’re not as cute as I wanted them to be, but they were edible, close enough for me then, especially for a first time!

Hope you enjoyed this weird little story about eggs and chickens and macarons!


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