A peek in my apartment

Besides fashion, beauty, trips and food I’m also interested in home decoration. Below you can find some pictures of details in me and my boyfriends apartment in Brussels. The walls are all white and we have a wooden floor in every room besides the kitchen and bathroom. Although the apartment is renovated, there still are some lovely old details like the chimney, the balcony and the moldings. The first time I saw this place I really fell in love with those old details.

It’s not a very big apartment so we bought all white furniture to make it look more spacious and not too dark or ‘heavy’. I’m quite pleased with our decoration. I’ve added some splashes of colour in every room. For instance: the bedroom and lounge are white with hints of red in pillows, candles, blankets, frames,… In the kitchen I tried to insert some green and the wc is white and turquoise.Β 

Take a look and tell me what you think!

Bedroom: nightstand

Bedroom: door

Bedroom: windowsill

Bedroom: floor

Hall: pegs


Lounge: coffee table and seat

Lounge: wall

Lounge: detail cupboard

Lounge: curtain and wall

Lounge: ceiling

Lounge: chimney with mirror

Kitchen: floor

Kitchen: sideboard


12 thoughts on “A peek in my apartment

  1. Leuk zeg! die rode accenten en het Ikea plantje (hihi) vind ik heel mooi. je plafond is ook erg mooi. in mijn eerste kot had ik ook zo’n plafond en prachtige art dΓ©co deuren, maar nu ben ik verhuisd naar iets moderners πŸ™‚

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