Trip to Primark

Me and my friend B. from Trips and Treasures went to Liège last Tuesday to take a look at the only Primark shop in Belgium. It was a fun and girly afternoon! We spent almost three hours at Primark, had some french fries, took outfit pics and enjoyed a smoothie and coffee. Below you can find some pictures of our afternoon. I was wearing a mint green pair of trousers from Zara, a turquoise knitted H&M sweater, Eram sneaker wedges, a pink Six satchel, Zara trenchcoat and 80s Purple sunglasses. 

Train station in Liège

My friend B. from Trips and Treasures

A quick bite at ‘Celebrities’

Part of what we got! 😉

More information about Primark Belgium:

There’s only one Primark in Belgium and that’s in Liège. You can take the train to Liège (1h from Brussels) and then take the bus at the train station (bus ride: 10min). Primark is located in a shoppingcenter called MediaCité. You can find more information here.

Good news for people living in Flanders! There’s a Primark opening in Ghent next spring!! For more information click here.


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