I’m in a buying mood. Has happened before, usually I just go out and buy myself something pretty. Now, I can’t. I’ve promised my boyfriend to slow down a bit and stop buying stuff that just ends laying in my closet with the tag still on. You could say I’m a little bit addicted to buying clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, beauty stuff,… Almost everything with a price tag on, actually. Sad news: we live like 1 minute away from the shopping street in Brussels (Nieuwstraat) and I kinda need to pass it every day to go to school.You can see how my shopping behaviour really evolved into a problem…

However, I’m banned from shopping so I need to find other ways to entertain myself. Like checking out cute stuff on cool websites. I’ve found these two bags on They’re both from Marc by Marc Jacobs and I can’t decide which one I like best. Can you help me? You know, for when I get to shop again. πŸ˜‰

I kinda like them both because I’ve been wanting to have a very classic model to take out for every occassion. What do you think? The first or the second one?


7 thoughts on “Shopaholic?!

  1. k ga ook mijn birthdaygeld apart houden voor een mooie tas, maar deze die ik wou is uitverkocht ( was super sad toen ik het ontdekte) , dus nu wachten tot het opnieuw liefde op het eerste gezicht is , haha πŸ™‚
    Welke van de 2 je ook kiest, ze zijn allebei leuk

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