Brusselicious: Tram Experience 2012

Friday evening my boyfriend and I had a great gastronomic dinner on a converted Brussels tram. The tram drove through Brussels while we enjoyed a splendid 3 course meal. It really was an incredible experience. Brusselicious is known for doing original stuff and I think this one really is well found. We were spoiled with amazing food: the appetizers with salmon and lemongrass were quite something even the bread and butter were special. As first course we got foie gras and asparagus with speculaas accompanied with a biscuit, the second course was cod fish with cauliflower mousse, nut crumble and speculaas and the third and last course consisted of bloodoranges with a crumble of speculaas again and a special sauce. As you might have figured out already, the main ingredient was speculaas.. I can only recommend the events of Brusselicious to everyone, it’s always a great experience!!

Appetizers with a glass of Champagne

First course

Second course

Third course

I was wearing:

– Shirt: H&M

– Pants: Zara

– Blazer: H&M

– Sneaker wedges: Eram

– Belt: Primark

– Coat: Zara

– Bag: Louis Vuitton


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