Chez Henri

Last Thursday me and my boyfriend went to a vernisage of photographs about Brussels and its students. My boyfriend was, among 25 others, nominated with his picture and we were curious to see the others of course! We arrived a bite late and never could we have expected for him to win, but he did! He ended up winning the third prize! He was sooo happy and me too of course, I love seeing him smile like that! He won a year subscription to the Belgian newspaper De Morgen and a tablet, cool gifts actually! Later that evening we had dinner at Chez Henri to celebrate. It was our first time there, some friends had recommended it, and I must say, it’s a pleasure to have dinner. The interior is stylish, the food is yummy and the service is friendly. Below you can find some pics of our dinner.

 Pictures of the interior of Chez Henri, taken from the Internet.

I had the sashimi of yellow fin tuna with ginger sauce and lettuce.

My boyfriend had the asparagus with mouseline sauce, poached egg and shrimps.

I had a chocolate brownie with roasted pecan nuts and vanilla icecream as dessert.  

I was wearing: Coral top: Forever 21/Mint pants: Zara/ Leather jacket: H&M/ Coral boatshoes: Primark/ Bag: Louis Vuitton 

With this picture of me my boyfriend won the third prize.  


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