This weekend, I made 4 different quiches because some friends were coming over. The first one I like to call ‘Quiche Classique’, it’s with salmon and broccoli, the second one is a ‘Quiche Rustique’ with bacon, rucola and mozarella, the third quiche is a ‘Quiche Thomas’, this one is vegetarian and therefore named after the son of my neighbours who also is a vegetarian, it’s with tomatoes, carots, rucola and lots of Italian herbs. The fourth and last one is a named after my father: ‘Papa’s favoriet’, because he likes the ingredients of this one a lot: asparagus, shrimps and salmon. Below you can find some pictures and the recipe of a ‘Quiche Classique’. It’s very simple actually, there’s a basic recipe and you can just put about anything in it! You should definitely try this one yourself, very easy when you have some friends coming over, you just make it beforehand and pop it in the oven half an hour before you want to start eating. 

Recipe: Quiche Classique


– Roll of puff pastry

– 400g of fresh or frozen salmon

– A broccoli

– 4 eggs

– 0,25l of cream

– Grated cheese

– Pepper and salt

How to:

Start with preheating your oven at 200 degrees Celsius. Roll out your puff pastry in a round oven form, don’t forget to put baking paper underneath it, so it won’t stick when you get it out. Gently push your puff pastry into shape and prick some small holes with a fork into the pastry. Put another layer of baking paper on top and put some weight on it (I used dried split peas, they don’t burn in the oven and you can use them over and over again). You need to do this because otherwise the puff pastry will start to swell in the oven. Put it in the oven for about 8 minutes.

In the meanwhile you can start baking your salmon and cooking your broccoli. Make sure your salmon is thawed, you just need to fry both sides of the salmon, so it’s a bit grilled, it doesn’t need to be well done. Same for the broccoli: it needs to be a bit softer but not al the way, just wait a few minutes after it started boiling to get the broccoli out.

Get your puff pastry out of the oven after about 8 minutes. After removing the weight (split peas) you can start putting your salmon and broccoli in. There’s just one more thing to do now: make the egg-cream mixture, very easy! Break your 4 eggs in a deep bowl and add a whole bottle (0,25l) of cream. Add a lot of pepper and salt and start mixing. When it’s light, you can finish mixing and start pouring it over the broccoli and salmon. Add some grated cheese to get a nice crust and put your quiche in a hot air oven of 200 degrees Celsius for about 25 minutes and under the grill for about 5 minutes.




4 thoughts on “Quiches!

  1. Haha, tis echt niet moeilijks Babs, zeker dat het zal lukken!! Als je eentje bakt, vergeet mij dan niet uit te nodigen! xx

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