Best Bikini’s

I’ve put together a list of the most beautiful bikini’s I could find on the internet. Let me know if I got you inspired for this summer! 

Etnic print bikini: H&M (Fashion against AIDS collection)

Striped bikini: Kiwi St. Tropez 

Floral bikini: Kiwi St. Tropez

White lace bikini: La Redoute

Etnic print bikini: Mara Hoffman

Black with detail bikini: Mara Hoffman

Etnic print bikini: Mara Hoffman

Floral bikini: Kiby’s

Floral bikini: Kiby’s

Bikini with fringes: Yamamay

Bikini with fringes: Asos 

Yellow bikini with lace: Kiwi St. Tropez

White bikini with lace and fringes: Victoria’s Secret

Coral bikini with fringes: Asos

Colour block bikini: Seventh Wonderland

Fringes and colour block bikini: Tyler Rose Swimwear

White bikini: Marysia Swim

Peplum one piece: Zinke

Bird pattern bikini: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Grey/khaki bikini: Alexander Wang

Pink/purple ombre bikini: We Are Handsome


9 thoughts on “Best Bikini’s

  1. Jaaa, maar is niet leverbaar in België :). Daarmee dat ik toch eens naar vroeg 🙂

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