New Items

Wednesday I went shopping just around my corner: la Rue Neuve in Brussels. I didn’t buy much: a dress and a tee at Pull&Bear and two tees, a jacket and a little perfume at Zara. The tee from P&B is quite simple: just a white and blue striped tee with midlong sleeves. The dress is coral with a lace detail at the neck and an open back. The first tee from Zara is salmon and sleeveless. Special about it, is that it has a semi open back: there’re wholes cut out in the shape of a skull head. The second tee is linen and has the drawing of a girl on it, made a bit more unique because of pearls and other stuff sewed on it. The jacket from Zara is a Chanel look-a-like mint/turquoise coloured one which I absolutely adore!! Last but not least I bought a little perfume at Zara, just to keep in my handbag, and I must say: it smells amazingly good! It’s a sweet, longlasting scent I think almost everyone loves. You should give it a try sometimes, it only costs 7,95 euro!








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