DIY: Bows on a Tee

I know, I’ve been a little bit overexcited with the DIY projects lately but I think I’m going to blame it on the exams. I should be studying right now but I have a concentration span as big as that of a goldfish… But I’m drifting off! What I actually wanted to show you is my new little DIY project: bows on a tee. Very simple to make! I bought this dark blue tee at H&M (it costed only 4,95 euro) and I wanted to pimp it with some cool bows. It was actually a Lanvin silk tee that inspired me, you can see it here. Below you can find pics of how I did it. You should try it out as well!

The T-shirt I started out with from H&M

You’ll need all the above plus another tee you can cut into pieces.  

Cut the other tee into long strips.  

Cut the strips in half.  

Fold the strips together and sew the end.

Take a piece of ribbon and cut about 8cm off.

 Knot in the middle of your sewed strip. It should look like this.

Sew the bow to the tee.

Tadaaaa: the result!



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