DIY: Colourful Scarf

This time I really made it easy for myself and hopefully you too! I took a large T-shirt and transformed it into a scarf! It is soooo simple and takes up only 20 minutes, while you don’t even have to buy anything in particular. All you need for this DIY, I can ensure you, is just in your house! Okay, lets start! Below you can find out how I did it!

So what you need is this:

– An extra large (men’s) T-shirt

– A long piece of fabric

– Some thread in the same colour as the piece of fabric

– Broken jewellry, buttons, brooches,…

– Scissors

We start with a large T-shirt. Don’t worry if there’s a logo or picture on it, as long as it is above the belly part, it’s okay.  

The piece of fabric you’ll need is just below the sleeves. So cut off that part.  

Next you cut off the zoom of the T-shirt. Now you have a tube.

Now you can truly start! Put the tube vertically in front of you (so there’s a ‘closed end’ facing you). Start by cutting the tube into long, small strips (2 cm) but don’t totally cut it. Leave about 5cm uncut at the top.

This is what it should look like.  

Now comes the fun part! Stretch all strips individually so they’ll lengthen. Just pull each strip hardly (but be careful not to damage it). This should be your result.

To make a circle, you just take the uncut part at the top and fold it so you get this.

Decorating!! Take the long piece of fabric and cut it like this.  

Collect some old jewellry for the decorating part. I took old buttons but you can take whatever you want, be creative!

Take the black strip and rotate it around your uncut piece. Sew the ends to your scarf. Once that’s done, you can start sewing/gluing jewellry, brooches, buttons,… to it.

Tadaaaa! The result!

You can wear the scarf in two ways

Long, like this.

Short, like this.

Good luck!!


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