New In: neon nailpolish

I went shopping this weekend for a gift for my niece because it was her birthday last week. I couldn’t find anything I really liked and ended up at Twinkel, a cute, girly store in Ostend. They have the most sweet stuff ever! I bought her a keychain with a Japanese geisha, keycases with more cute Japanese faces, a necklace with a mustache (like my ring, check below for that) and… neon nail polish! I was soooo glad when I finally found neon nail polish and a mustache ring!! I was looking around for those two for quite a while now and they weren’t even that far away! Find out more about Twinkel right here


3 thoughts on “New In: neon nailpolish

  1. Het potje van die Dior nagellak is halfleeg… wanneer ben je nog eens op reis? 😉 Zo jammer dat Twinkel gesloten was, morgen waarschijnlijk wel open!!

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