Outfit Post: grey and orange in Mini Europa

My boyfriend and I did something quite funny today: we went to Mini Europa Park in Brussels. We both hadn’t been there before and we ended up having a blast! It’s said that Mini Europa is closing down next year and I think this would be an absolute shame! It’s such a fun amusement park, we really enjoyed being tourists in our own city. You can find more information about Mini Europa here. It was a rainy day (again) today, so I wore grey Pull&Bear trousers, an orange Mango T-shirt, a dark grey Zara blazer, orange DIY flats from H&M and a red look-a-like Balenciaga bag. 

Belgium: Brussels – Grand Place

Belgium: Brussels – Grand Place


Holland: Amsterdam

Belgium: Leuven

Great Britain: London – Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The Eurotunnel between France and Great Britain

France: Paris – La Tour Eiffel

France: Paris – Montmartre

Italy: Pisa – Duomo di Pisa

Italy: Venice – Piazza San Marco

Germany: Berlin – Brandenburger Tor (breaking down the wall)

Greece: Athens – Acropolis 


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