My boyfriend’s birthday at Antwerp

So, last Thursday we’ve celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday with friends in Antwerp. We’ve booked a hotel room for all of us in the brand new Hotel O Kathedral, had a wonderful dinner at Pasta Hippo Vino and partied all night at Noxx. One hell of a night, I must say! My boyfriend and I arrived in Antwerp in the late afternoon and instead of going straight to our hotel, I took a little peek in one of my favorite shops in Antwerp: Princess. I love going there during sales because you can really get some bargains so I bought a blue silk Marc Jacobs skirt (I’ll post some pics in a few days). After my little shopping spree we walked to our hotel on the Handschoenmarkt just under the watchful eye of the cathedral. We were definitely amazed by the hotel, everything is black, I love that! After installing ourselves and taking a shower, one of our friends had arrived and we went out to drink something. Soon after, our other friends arrived too and we headed for Pasta Hippo Vino for dinner. I took a black pasta with squid, tomatoes and chili which was lovely. After dinner some other friends arrived and we got on our way to Noxx, to have a great party. My boyfriend had arranged something for his birthday so we  got a free bottle of bubbles at our table in the vip section! We ended up closing down Noxx at 6 am in the morning and enjoyed a few hours of sleep in the wonderful beds of Hotel O. It was great! 

My outfit for the night:

– White top: Zara

– Blue/green skirt: Zara

– Wedges: H&M

– Bracelet: F21

– Ring with black stone: Hippe Hebbedingetjes

– Golden ring: H&M

All pics were taken with my iPhone, so don’t mind the quality! 



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