Nacht van het Zoute – La Nuit du Zoute

I’ve been working in Knokke for a while now as an extra during holidays and weekends and I’m starting to understand the attraction the little village has on many people. Since I’m from the coast (Ostend) I never really had something special with Knokke and to me it was just another village on the Belgian coastline, but of course not as awesome as Ostend (if you know the insiders hotspots of course!). But working here kinda changed that. I started to love the vibe, the people, the bars, the clubs,… the whole thing. I was thrilled to experience such a big event as Nacht van het Zoute (means as much as ‘Night of Zoute’ and Zoute is the uptown part of Knokke and one of the richest parts of Belgium. If you want to see and be seen, you come here). So last Friday all the pretty girls and all the handsome boys of Zoute and surrounding gathered at one place: Albertplein or as we like to say: Place m’as tu vu (see and be seen). The party started early at Monroe Beach, a beach bar, where American brand Halé Bob held a runway show on an improvised catwalk. Later, the party moved to the bar of the hotel/restaurant I work, Memlinc Palace. After cocktails, people slowly started dripping in the lobster and oyster restaurant, Palace Seafood,  I work and by ten pm we were drowning in work! But just to see everyone all dressed up, ready to have a wonderful night, was amazing. Between partying and eating, Boutique Marie Claire Zoute held as always a catwalk show in the very centre of the Place m’as tu vu. Afterwords, the party really exploded and lasted all night long.. I’m ready to do it all over again next year!

A mouthwatering seafood platter from our kitchen

Entertainment for the clients

Entertainment for the clients

Entertainment for the clients

Moet & Chandon Champagne, our house brand

Dessert: shortbread with figs, peach, cherry tomato and an olive oil cream

A glimpse of Place m’as tu vu where the party was going on heavily 


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