DIY: Golden frames

This DIY is not about clothes, shoes or accessories but about home deco. Like many girls, I think, I have lots of frames with pics of friends in my room at home. Frames I own since I was 15 with pics that haven’t changed either. So when my brother came home a few days ago with a golden spray can (he had to spray a necklace of his girlfriend golden) I just couldn’t resist spraying my frames as well. I’ve changed some pics into fashion ads and arty farty pics and tadaaaa! New stuff can be cheap too! 

You only need a spray can in the desired color, some old frames and maybe an old towel or sheet to put the frames on whilst spraying. Easy mcpeasy, I would say!  


My brother bought this spray can at Gamma.

Such a handy man! 


I must say, I’ve been looking all over for stuff the spray gold! I’m addicted now! 


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