Outfit post: my London London bridge wanna go down like

As you might have read on my Facebook page I went to London the last few days. It wasn’t my first time in the metropolis but definitely my favorite trip so far! I really enjoyed the fact I’ve visited areas, streets, shops, places-to-be I’ve never visited before. We went vintage hunting and I discovered a whole range of fun shops in Chinatown and Soho. Our hotel was in Notting Hill, perfect for some antiques and eccentric clothing hunting, if you ask me! I’ll post the items I’ve scored very soon on the blog! But for now I’ll just show you some pics of what I wore the third day while visiting more traditional things like Trafalgar Square (I loooove those fountains) and the South Bank area (think: Tate Modern, the Globe, the Millennium Bridge,…). I was wearing a pair of burgundy waxed pants from H&M, an H&M scarf, Zara studded boots, a wind jacket from The North Face (I know, but it’s warm!), a white sweater with zippers, also from H&M and my burgundy MbMJ bag. 

Tube station of Notting Hill

Your typical red bus

Trafalgar Square with Laetitia and Evi

On the Millennium Bridge

I do love those taxis 

The Millennium Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral 

The last day: a quick preview of some things I bought, can you guess what?! 



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