Plaisirs d’hiver – Christmas market

Last night me and my boyfriend went to visit the Brussels Christmas market and the very decorative Grand Place. We started at the Grand Place where we enjoyed a light and sound show (the show runs every evening the coming month around 18u30 and lasts about 10 minutes). It’s the first year the Grand Place is missing a real Christmas tree, in stead they have set up a construction in the shape of a tree that is the star of the light and sound show. When you see it as it is, by day, it sucks, at night however with the lights and the music, it rocks! After the show we walked along the Bourse to Place Saint-Catherine where the ‘country’ theme this year is the Balkan, this means: lots of authentic food stands, clothes stands and traditional music. Moving alone with the mass of people, we arrived at the actual Christmas market. Strolling along the many stands, absorbing the (way too early) Christmas vibes, really made us feel cheesy. So we decided to take a ride on the ferris wheel like real lovebirds 🙂 We ended our very corny and romantic winter night in ribs restaurant Amadeo, perfect food for cold days like yesterday! 


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