New in: M.A.C. make-up

While being in Paris, I went for some make-up advice to the M.A.C. store. Is there actually a better place to go when you need advice anyway? So I ended up buying blush (Love Joy – Mineralize blush) and eyeshadow (Smut velvet – Eye shadow). I was looking for some new blush in the style of my old one, also M.A.C., but unfortunately limited edition.. The sales girl advised me this one and I’m very happy with it! The colour is perfect for my skin tone and there’s a bit of glitter added to the blush, so it gives a nice shine. The eyeshadow is blackish purple, or purplish black and really great for smokey eyes. I don’t like too dark colours on my eyes, like black, because I tend to look a bit creepy then 😉 Anyway, cool new make-up items, definitely worth buying, as are pretty much all products of M.A.C.! 




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