Trip to Paris

As I have mentioned in the two previous posts, I went to Paris, together my boyfriend,  for Valentine’s Day. We mostly strolled through the city, stopped at many bars and had lots of wine. We also shopped but mostly, we enjoyed some good food! So, I’ve decided to make this post about a few of the restaurants we went to, because showing the Eiffel tower and Montmartre, isn’t that refreshing and new 😉 

To start with, our hotel, ‘Le Rocroy’  was located close to Gare du Nord (where Eurostar and Thalys arrives and departs) so this was quite convenient. Also, a walk to the centre of Paris took about fifteen to twenty minutes, very doable, I’d say. 

1. Chéri Bibi 

The first night we had dinner at ‘Chéri Bibi’, a cosy but crowded bar/restaurant in Montmartre. I had some ‘bulots et bigorneaux’ (whelks and winkles) as a starter and my boyfriend ordered mozarella with tomatoes, after this, we both had veal with french fries and to close the evening off, I drank a real mojito, you know, the good stuff. The food isn’t spectacularly good, but the vibe in the restaurant is awesome and the service is great as well. 

cheri bibi 1

cheri bibi 2

2. Del Papa

At noon on the second day, we ate at ‘Del Papa‘, a cosy Italian restaurant, not far away from the Av. des Champs Elysées. We both loved the carpaccio of beef  and the garlic bread served with it. After the carpaccio I had pasta vongole (with beach shells) and my boyfriend pasta scampi. If you want nice Italian food, go to Del Papa! 



I was wearing an Isabelle Marant sweater

3. Café Panique 

The evening of the second day, we ate at ‘Café Panique‘, my favourite restaurant of all restaurants we did in these four days in Paris. Café Panique is a small restaurant and art gallery. I love the light interior and the great service. There’s an open kitchen so you can see the two chefs working on your food and really: they make true pieces of art. I had leek soup with’Fine de Claires’ oysters, then scallops with cauliflower cream and a nice sauce and as dessert a chocolate pie. My boyfriend had mashed potatoes, pesto and carrot chips as a starter, beef with mashed vitelotte potatoes (those purples ones) and a chestnut dessert.  I’d definitely recommend this restaurant, go to it when staying in Paris! 



My boyfriend’s starter


My main dish 


My boyfriend’s dessert 

4. Schwartz’s Deli 

On the third day we had lunch at ‘Schwartz’s Deli’, close to the Eiffel tower. Such a crowded restaurant! There was a line of at least twenty people waiting for a table. We waited about fifteen minutes before being seated. I think the interior was awesome: old American dinner elements mixed with industrial touches. They mostly serve burgers, but you can also eat pastramis, salads, meat and sandwiches. We opted for a burger and got a seriously big burger with the best chopped meat ever! Mine was with avocado and a honey-mustard sauce, my boyfriend’s with bacon and an egg. If you’re really hungry, go to this place!! 

schwartzs deli

schwartzs deli 2


I was wearing a black Massimo Dutti top and a black Zara blazer, combined with an H&M necklace. 


5. Chez Casimir 

On the evening of the third day, we decided to visit a restaurant just around the corner of our hotel: ‘Chez Casimir‘. This time, the vibe or service  aren’t the things you need to go for to Chez Casimir, it’s the food. There aren’t any menus, you just need to choose between four prices (variate between 27 and 35, I believe). The more you pay, the more courses you can have. So we had four courses: starter, main, cheese and then dessert. My starter was awesome: I had ordered Spanish pepper cream and received an almost empty dish, I had to pour my own soup, I loved it! My boyfriend ordered a, very good looking and tasting, sandwich with goat cheese and lots of rocket lettuce, simple yet great! My main was also very nice: scallops (I do love them) with a kind of carrot sauce, yummie! They were soo fresh, they were still sticking to the shell. My boyfriend, on the other hand, accidentally ordered veal kidneys, not really his cup of tea. He did enjoy the cheese platter though, you can take whatever you want and then it goes to someone else in the restaurant. To close the evening off, I had a nice apple crumble and my boyfriend a white chocolate mousse. Everything was so basic yet good, loved it! 

chez casimir


My boyfriend’s starter


My starter – I was wearing a golden sequined H&M top and a black Zara blazer


My main dish


Cheese platter


My apple crumble

6. Dame Tartine

Last but not least: ‘Dame Tartine‘. On our last day, we had lunch at Dame Tartine, which is right next to Centre Pompidou. We both had a wonderful sandwich: mine with salmon tartare and ginger, my boyfriend’s with carpaccio of beef and rocket lettuce. Perfect for a quick lunch! 

dame tartine


My boyfriend’s carpaccio sandwich


My salmon tartare sandwich 


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