An afternoon at YSL Visionair

Last Monday, I went together with my best friend B. from Trips&Treasures to the Yves Saint Laurent Visionair exhibition in Brussels. It’s something we had been looking forward to a long time but because of exams, trips and intern ships, it was kinda difficult to decide on a date. The exhibition isn’t that big, but you can really stroll at ease through YSL’s designs from the sixties and seventies. Quite interesting to know, is that most of these pieces were never exhibit before. In my opinion, there were three highlights: the big red heart with all the vintage YSL jewelry, the Mondriaan inspired dresses that close the exhibition and the prêt-à-porter or ready-to-wear collection with some lovely items I’d definitely wear! Did you know YSL was the first to start a ready-to-wear collection? It was/is called Rive Gauche and famous people from all over the world visited the opening of the first shop in London. This and so much more you’ll learn at the YSL Visionair exhibition, I’d definitely recommend visiting it! 










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