Trip to Istanbul

It took again some time, but here’s a new post! I just got back from an International Program at the University of Sakarya, Turkey about using school for developing European citizenship. Ten countries were represented by students and their teachers, we all prepared presentations about the topic and we all bonded during these two weeks. The presentations and workshops were interesting, but I think the free time we had together, was even more important: friendships were made and the ice got broken. In these two weeks, we also visited lots of stuff like a school taken care of  by the university. Besides these trips, we made a big trip to Istanbul, a city I’ve always wanted to visit. I stayed, together with friends, for two days in this ancient city, we did the cultural things, went partying and of course, we also went shopping! If you’re still looking for a good city trip destination, pick Istanbul! The city offers a great variety: cultural heritage, lots of shops (chains and boutiques), overall nice weather,… Located on the border between Europe and Asia, Istanbul presents the best of the two continents. So, go check it out yourself! 


1. Lamps in the bazaar

2. All sorts of nuts

3. New and old friends: Teresa, me, Liesbet and Delaram

4. New burgundy Vans 

5. Interior of Ayasofya, +/- 1500 years old, once church and mosque, now museum

6. Old tram in the shopping street of Istanbul

7. Dried figs in the bazaar

8. All kinds of bracelets

9. Belgian students: Liesbet, me, Carolien and Anke

10. At a bazaar

11. At the Blue Mosque, across the Ayasofya

12. At the Blue Mosque with Liesbet, Carolien and Anke

13. Exterior of Ayasofya

14. Tea at the bazaar

Pictures: courtesy of Anke 


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