DIY + Outfit post: dip dyed jeans shirt

I have several jeans shirts which I really love wearing. There’s just one shirt that needed an stylish make-over (it’s been in my closet for ages and it was getting quite dull) and because the dip dyed trend is still going strong, I decided to be creative and do a little DIY with it. It was fairly simple to do this DIY and you need just a few things: 

– a piece of clothing (jeans short, trousers, shirt,…)

– bleach

– white vinegar

– a bucket

This is how you do it:

1. Pour the bleach into the bucket until it’s full for 1/3, then add some water (this to make sure your piece of clothing doesn’t get white but lighter blue –> ombré effect). Do this preferably outside because bleach smells. Also, if you have pets, keep them away from the bleach! Last but not least: do this with your old scruffy clothes because bleach stains! 

2. Decide how much you want it to be bleached and drape the piece of clothing in the bucket. Mind that bleach runs up, so keep like a centimeter or a bit more then you want out of the bleach. 

3. Leave your piece of clothing in the bucket for 20 to 30 minutes, check every 10 minutes if everything is still covered in bleach because you don’t want any stains.

4. Get your piece of clothing out and rinse it twice: once with water and once with white vinegar (this stops the bleach from working). 

5. Wash your piece of clothing thoroughly in the washing machine.

6. Be ready to wear it with style! 






I am wearing:

-DIY jeans shirt: H&M

– Red pants: Marc by Marc Jacobs

– Blue DIY studs sneakers: Supra, check it out here

– Golden watch: Casio



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