Outfit post: snake print boots

Last week was a very busy one: the week started with a few days in Copenhagen (visiting friends) afterwards a couple of days in Amsterdam (also visiting friends), with in between a whole lot of (dinner) parties. I’ll tell you some more about Copenhagen and show you pics in one of the next posts. This post is about one of the outfits I wore during a lunch in Amsterdam. But the eye catcher, the boots, I bought in Copenhagen. I had been looking all over for boots like these, but I never really found the ‘perfect thing’. So when I bumped into these, I was so happy! I really like the print and the ‘elastic parts’, those were a must for me. Also, although the boots are quite male, I think there’s still something  female about them.

 Because this was the same outfit as I wore in the car on the way to Amsterdam, it had to be comfortable, yet stylish enough to have lunch in immediately. By the way, we had lunch at such a cool restaurant, I’ll tell you more about in the next blog post!!





I was wearing: 

– Jeans shirt – Abercrombie & Fitch

– Grey knitted sweater – Abercrombie & Fitch

– Black trousers – Zara

– Snake skin boots – Shoe Biz Copenhagen

– Black leather jacket – Vintage shop Bang Bang, London

– Burgundy bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs

– Set of 3 rings – Pilgrim


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