Deco: interior inspiration

I just  love browsing through the Internet looking for beautiful home decoration inspiration. As I was doing some browsing this morning, I discovered a blog called The Relaxed Home. Just my kind of blog and interior ideas. I picked out a few pictures that I really liked.  Have a look through them and let me know what your style is.

homddeco10                                           I love these glass cabins, perfect for showing off curiosities! 

homedeco9                                                  Splashes of color really bring a room together

                                               Perfect blanket and cushions for cold winter nights!


                           These glass vases are so decorative! And easy to find on basically any flea market! 

homedeco5                              Those rugs are beautiful! And so is the use of the old fireplace as wood stock.


                             Funny and playful idea for chalkboard paint. And I also love the ‘Copenhagen’ frame.

home deco3                                                        Gorgeous lamps, chairs,.. Picture perfect!

homedeco 2

                                                  A beautiful lamp combined with a fun vase. 

homedeco 1

                                              Again, splashes of color are classy and youthful! 


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