Brunch & Vernissage @ De familie Jansen

This morning my boyfriend and I enjoyed a wonderful brunch at coffee bar ‘De familie Jansen’ in Ostend. The brunch was at the same time a vernissage of photographer Veerle Frissen, a young artist whose work really speaks to us. Her work is mysterious and fairytale like with a melancholic connotation: think vivid colors like bright pinks and blues with sad looking models whose eyes pierce through the depths of infinity. Seven of her pictures are displayed at the moment, definitely worth having a look whilst sipping tasteful coffee.

The brunch itself was pretty incredible too. There aren’t many places in Ostend where you can have this kind of wonderful brunch. We started with a glass of Prosecco, followed by a warm scone with fresh whipped cream and strawberries. Then we had a cheese platter with different kinds of bread, freshly made tuna and egg salad, smoked salmon with lime, boiled eggs, fresh fruit salad and a platter of mozzarella accompanied by the best coffee in town. There’s only one word for this kind of brunch: yummie!

Besides that, the owners of ‘De familie Jansen’ are so kind, Coby serves a smile with every coffee she makes and Cris always has a joke up his sleeve. ‘De familie Jansen’ stands for quality food and drinks with great service.

So, if you’re in Ostend, go have a nice hot drink at ‘De familie Jansen’ and enjoy the beautiful pictures taken by Veerle Frissen, an artist at the verge of breakthrough.

Find more information on ‘De familie Jansen’ here and click this button to learn more about upcoming photographer Veerle Frissen.


















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