Lifestyle: 2014 in pics

2014 is over, time to welcome a new year and what better way to do so than having a little throwback in pictures! I think it’s safe to say that last year was amazing: I graduated school, opened a business in Bruges, got a tattoo… These things, and so many other stuff (like: I became the proud aunt of Emma and we got our bunny Olivia)  made 2014 a year to remember. Let’s have a look!

I’ve got some info about the pics lined up underneath, take a look if you want to learn a bit more. 

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-22 om 04.09.00.png

The first pic is one of my boyfriend and me in a hot air balloon above Bruges last summer, an awesome experience I can recommend to everyone who isn’t afraid of heights. The second is us at a local event called Seven. This loungy party takes place on Sundays during summer.  It’s a really cool way to spend your Sunday afternoon and evening with friends. Next is one with Tiany Kiriloff during the #modeoostende event last august in Ostend, my hometown. Great event that’s having a second edition this summer! The fourth picture is one of Olivia, the cutest (and loudest) bunny in the world! Next is the first Sanseveria Bagelsalon delivery; this was the day before we officially opened!

The first picture of the second row is one of the nomination card we got from Venuez. Sanseveria was nominated for a ‘Daredevil Award’, granted by Venuez hospitality magazine, a great honor. Following is a pic of Sanseveria, two days before we opened, and still without furniture (stressful times). Baby girl Emma was born last November, she’s a little pink pumpkin.

A picture of the awesome authentic tiles in Sanseveria opens the third row: we were so relieved and happy to find this treasure! Next is a picture at the Food Truck Market in Ghent last September: great initiative, like to do this again sometime soon. When you work hard, you need to chill hard: we took a break in October and relaxed on the white beaches of Punta Cana. This picture was taken on our last night before going to dinner. Next is a picture of my girlfriends and me at the Seven party last May.

We’re sooooo into food and we both like discovering new places to eat, so we went to pop-up restaurant Wolf in Ghent. Good food, great ambience, a shame they didn’t get through. The picture of ‘Clan of Tusk’ indicates my first tattoo: a twirly feather on my left rib case. Next is the bagel of the month November: delicious meatballs with port and fig confit and fried onions.

The last row starts with a pic of me at my graduation party in June. So happy to have earned my degrees! Also, I’ve turned 24 last year, guess I’m almost mid-twenties now. Time flies… Next is a picture taken at the Venuez event in Antwerp: really cool event that every creative and innovative hospitality business owner should attend. The last picture is one of my boyfriend in our favorite Parisian hotel: Mama Shelter. Staying there feels like coming home. And the breakfast buffet is amazing!


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